Insight Services Applies Navy Filter Debris Technology to Industrial Equipment


Insight Services, a supplier of condition monitoring services for industrial equipment, announced a new service to extract and analyze equipment wear debris in industrial filters. Insight is commercializing a process the U.S. Navy has successfully applied for years in predicting bearing failure on Navy jets. This promising and exciting development is now being offered to the industrial market to help predict the health of their critical machinery and avoid expensive downtime.

Insight’s new Filter Debris Analysis (FDA) service involves a technique that back flushes the filter to extract the particulate debris buried in the filter. The removed debris passes through a sensor designed to count and size a representative sample of the particulates. Additionally, a filter patch is prepared containing a representative sample of the particulate debris contained in the filter. This patch is then analyzed by XRF spectroscopy to determine the specific elemental composition of the filter debris.

Wear debris analysis provides early indication of machinery failure by pinpointing component wear. “With increasingly fine filtration, more debris is trapped in the filter and less remains in the lube oil system,” explains Dan Richards, President of Insight Services. “This is great for keeping the system clean, but conventional oil analysis is no longer enough to predict failure. It needs to be supplemented by FDA.”

FDA can trace its roots to the U.S. military where GasTOPS, a major supplier of technology development services to the U.S. military, refined and commercialized a systematic and repeatable process for the Navy to wash filters and capture wear debris for further qualitative and quantitative analysis. Insight Services is partnering with GasTOPS to bring to the industrial market the same FDA service the military has successfully utilized. “While developed for the military, this advanced technology can also bring great value to the industrial marketplace,” believes Dr. Karen Cassidy, President of GasTOPS.

Since 1988 Insight Services has provided advance warning of imminent equipment failures in industrial facilities across the country. “Filter Debris Analysis will allow us to provide to our industrial customers a whole new level of advance diagnostics related to their critical rotating equipment,” shares Daniel Richards. “What GasTOPS has been able to deliver to their military customers is quite impressive and we expect similar results in the industrial sector.”

About Insight Services, Inc.:
Insight Services, based in Cleveland, OH, has been providing oil analysis and wear debris analysis services for over 20 years. They service industrial customer in the power, chemical, steel and other 24/7 industrial process facilities throughout North and South America.

About GasTOPS:
GasTOPS is a recognized world leader in developing condition assessment solutions in Defense, Aviation, Marine, Energy and Transportation applications. For more than 25 years the company has supplied innovative fluid sensing and analysis solutions and specialized engineering and technical services for advanced machinery monitoring and maintenance systems.

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