Engineered for the aerospace market and adapted to industrial application requirements and price points, Gastops critical component intelligence helps operators of gas turbine engines, wind turbines, and aeroderivative engines:

  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Avoid lost revenues
  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate unplanned repair and assessment costs
  • Eliminate secondary damage
  • Predict Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of equipment
  • Quickly evaluate equipment health for large fleets
  • Enable predictive maintenance at scale

Gastops has a long history of supporting Wind, Oil & Gas, Power, Compression and Marine Propulsion customers with our innovative line of MetalSCAN products and services.


We harness the collective power of rich data and domain expertise to bring you unparalleled data-based diagnostic and prognostic technologies and services.


We generate comprehensive data sources and facilitate the analysis of critical condition indicators for bearing, gear, and seal health as well as oil condition as determinants of overall equipment health. Our condition monitoring solution includes online wear debris monitoring, chip analysis, lubrication testing, filter analysis, and more.


Gastops combines real-world product, service and application knowledge with over 40 years of experience performing empirical data analysis and physics-based modeling. We have developed and continue to refine precise equipment health indicators that result in industry-leading insights.


Gastops provides data analysis from real-time wear debris monitoring as well as oil, filter, and chip analysis. We offer the earliest indication of damage initiation and trending of damage progression for a complete diagnosis of equipment health.


We enable insight into Remaining Useful Life (RUL) and predictive maintenance, thus eliminating unplanned downtime and associated costs.

Endorsed by aeroderivative
gas turbine and wind
turbine manufacturers and

Gastops offers diagnostic and prognostic solutions for operators of power plants, wind turbines, and aeroderivative engines.

Since 1979, Gastops products and services have successfully prevented thousands of hours of downtime and saved millions of dollars in lost revenue and secondary damage.

Wind Turbine Operators and Manufacturers

Gastops offers real-time operating costs savings through it’s critical component intelligence. Gastops reduces operating risk and provides a real-time view into wind farm operations, lowering the cost of wind energy production.

Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Operators and Manufacturers

Predictable logistics and no unplanned events. Gastops offers the industry’s earliest warning of impending equipment failure and real-time monitoring of damage progression, enabling operators to make the best maintenance decisions.

Operators of Navy, Coast Guard, and Cruise Ship Fleets

Optimized propulsion system health through advanced dynamic simulation and real-time monitoring. Gastops offers ship operators a fully-functional virtual model for testing propulsion and other vessel systems as well as real-time health monitoring of critical rotating equipment.

“Gastops provided early warning of failure when vibration, temperature and ECD’s were silent. As a result, we were able to avoid catastrophic failure and had time to plan for orderly replacement. Our cost of repair was low, involving limited damage to 1B Bearing. Gastops can be considered a tool of the trade.”

Power Plant Manager


“MetalSCAN warned us of an increased wear debris shortly before the oil temperature spiked. The engine was removed for overhaul, before sustaining any serious damage. We are very impressed with MetalSCAN, it’s a vital piece of monitoring equipment.”

Power Plant Engineer & Team Leader

New Zealand

“We used to use a magnetic/conductive gap particle detector to alert us to bearing failure but that old technology was simply not reliable. The multi-sensor MetalSCAN system we installed in our gas turbine has greatly enhanced our equipment condition monitoring capability. And the ability to monitor the trends that point to possible trouble is an order of magnitude improvement over the old system.”

Power Plant O&M Supervisor


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The future is about combining machine intelligence and human capability to provide a full suite of real-time prognostics with tools and support for condition-based maintenance.
Application Guide

MetalSCAN for Vestas Wind Turbines Application Guide

Reduce operating costs of wind energy production with critical component intelligence. MetalSCAN technology empowers wind turbine operators to effectively manage gearbox health issues using oil debris monitoring.

MetalSCAN MS4000 Product Overview

Real-time damage detection – anytime, anywhere. MetalSCAN MS4000 series provides condition monitoring in the energy, industrial, and marine industries, detecting bearing and gear damage at the earliest stage of progression and providing insight into the extent of the damage and remaining life of the equipment.

the future of equipment condition intelligence.

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