Maximize flight availability and eliminate in-flight

Engineered for the exacting quality standards of the aerospace market and serving as a trusted data source for manufacturer innovation, Gastops’ lubrication system critical components intelligence helps aerospace fleet operators:

  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate unplanned repair and assessment costs
  • Eliminate secondary damage
  • Increase flight readiness
  • Predict Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of equipment
  • Enable predictive maintenance

Gastops has a long history of supporting the aerospace industry with innovative products such as MetalSCAN and ChipCHECK spanning across commercial and defence aircraft from passenger jets like the Airbus A320neo to the world’s most advanced fighter jets such as the F-35 as well as helicopters like the UH-60.


We harness the collective power of rich data and domain expertise to bring you unparalleled data-based diagnostic and prognostic technologies and services.


We generate comprehensive data sources and facilitate the analysis of critical condition indicators for bearing, gear, and seal health as well as oil condition as determinants of overall equipment health. Our condition monitoring solution includes online wear debris monitoring, chip analysis, lubrication testing, filter analysis, and more.


Gastops combines real-world product, service and application knowledge with over 40 years of experience performing empirical data analysis and physics-based modeling. We have developed and continue to refine precise equipment health indicators that result in industry-leading insights.


Gastops provides data analysis from real-time wear debris monitoring as well as oil, filter, and chip analysis. We offer the earliest indication of damage initiation and trending of damage progression for a complete diagnosis of equipment health.


We enable insight into Remaining Useful Life (RUL) and predictive maintenance, thus eliminating unplanned downtime and associated costs.

The data you need for predictive maintenance.

Gastops has been developing diagnostic and prognostic solutions for commercial, business, private and military aviation since 1979. From the F-35 to the A320neo, our in-line sensors, flight-line diagnostic systems and lab-based analysis solutions help keep aircraft in the air longer.

engine and transmission manufacturers

Gastops offers condition intelligence for the digital future. Aircraft engine and transmission manufacturers consider Gastops their low risk and reliable partner for the real-time, rich data insights that are only possible with edge computing from inside the aircraft with onboard sensing.

Operators, manufacturers and maintainers of commercial and business fixed-wing aircraft fleets

Maximum flight-readiness and no delays. Operators of large and small fixed-wing aircraft rely on Gastops’ state-of-the-art debris and metal chip analysis systems to accurately predict the need for maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Operators, manufacturers, maintainers and integrators of helicopter fleets

Comprehensive support to ensure maximum aircraft availability. We offer fast and reliable maintenance, repair, and overhaul of Breeze-Eastern and FLIR equipment for your helicopter fleet, real-time oil debris monitoring, and at-line chip analysis, fluid, and filter analysis.

“ChipCHECK is able to help immediately identify debris and determine the potential effects on engine operation. We can then make effective decisions in the shortest possible time.”

Emirates Manager of Overhaul Workshops

News & Resources

Press Release

Australian Defence Force Chooses ChipCHECK® by Gastops to Support Helicopter Maintenance

Gastops announced that the Rotary, Aerospace and Surveillance Systems Division of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has purchased nine ChipCHECK® units to help maximize equipment readiness, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce costs.

Major North American Airline Cuts Delays & Costs with ChipCHECK

To a large commercial operator, every minute that the fleet is delayed means significant costs. Traditionally, finding wear debris “chips” during aircraft inspection resulted in extra monitoring and thousands of dollars of costs. ChipCHECK changed all that.

MetalSCAN MS1000 Product Overview

Trusted. Accurate. Intelligent Insight. MetalSCAN is a real-time, online, full-flow oil debris monitoring system which detects the earliest onset of damage to critical oil-wetted components in military and commercial aircraft.

the future of equipment condition intelligence.

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