Domain Expertise
and Engineering

Gastops is the only provider of a comprehensive equipment intelligence solution that incorporates edge computing for continuous real-time monitoring and rich data collection. Our deep domain expertise is built on the analysis of data generated from more than 700 million equipment operating hours and over 40 years of failure-mode research.

We offer our customers in the aerospace, defence, and energy and industrial sectors continuous support in interpreting condition data, building predictive models, designing maintenance programs, and research and development.

Condition Indicator

The production of actionable results from oil debris monitoring and laboratory testing requires the development of acceptable limits and a recommendation ruleset. Gastops standards for warning and alarm limits as well as Remaining Useful Life indicators are developed through a combination of in-service and test rig data. Data is validated for sensitivity, unambiguity, and statistical reliability.

Propulsion System Digital Twin Design

Gastops uses state-of-the-art dynamic simulations to help evaluate system design in a virtual environment throughout a modernization or new build design cycle. Using an accurate dynamic model, customers can develop and validate control algorithms, independently evaluate performance of engines or gas turbines, and test various operational conditions.

Digital Twin: Model- Referenced Equipment Health Monitoring

Gastops has been developing physics-based models of propulsion systems for over 30 years, pre-dating the dawn of ‘Digital Twin’. Our models have been used for system integration, condition monitoring, control system development, and more. Gastops can develop a digital twin of single engines or entire propulsion systems by combining a deep understanding of engineering principles, systems engineering, control theory, and condition assessment with your unique asset data.

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