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Gastops is your equipment condition intelligence partner for the digital future

Founded in 1979, Gastops was built on a foundation of research and collaboration with the world’s leading innovators.  Through our close partnerships, we have become the premiere provider of critical equipment intelligence.

Rich data from our test rig and in-field installations, in combination with our innovative digital twin design program, continue to be a premium source of knowledge for the aerospace industry’s manufacturers.

We are the trusted partner in adding risk management and digital capabilities to your products for an edge over the competition.

Online Wear Debris Monitoring System

The MetalSCAN wear debris sensor collects and processes real-time critical component condition data on oil-wetted components to give earliest warning of abnormal wear and predict Remaining Useful Life (RUL).


Fluid, filter and material analysis services, providing leading indicators of machinery wear, fluid condition, and fluid contamination.

At-line Automated Metal Wear Chip Analysis

ChipCHECK offers comprehensive reports on fluid-borne metal chips, enabling operator crews to make the best maintenance decisions in minutes, directly at the flight line.

Press Release

Gastops Ltd. to Collaborate on Development of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Oil Analysis Technology Program

Gastops Ltd. announced today it has joined forces with Pratt and Whitney Canada (P&WC) to conduct baseline testing, build the operational infrastructure and jointly develop diagnostic and prognostic services for P&WC’s breakthrough Oil Analysis Technology Program.

Major North American Airline Cuts Delays & Costs with ChipCHECK

To a large commercial operator, every minute that the fleet is delayed means significant costs. Traditionally, finding wear debris “chips” during aircraft inspection resulted in extra monitoring and thousands of dollars of costs. ChipCHECK changed all that.
Application Guide

Airbus A320neo Application Guide

Real-time, in-flight damage detection. Designed for the Pratt & Whitney GTF commercial engine family, the MetalSCAN online oil debris sensor is integrated into the engine lubrication system.

“ChipCHECK is very easy to use and has made a big difference for us. With less than two hours of training, our AMTs have been able to produce lab-quality reports right in the hangar. We are now able to properly disposition an aircraft within one hour.”

CFM56 Powerplant Engineer

Major North American Airline

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