Maximize Mission
Readiness And
Reduce Risk

Gastops critical component intelligence helps defence fleet operators and in-service support providers:

Enable predictive maintenance

Reduce risk and eliminate costly return-to-base events

Predict Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of equipment

Maximize mission readiness and mission performance

Plan maintenance and avoid repairs in hostile environments

Validate propulsion system design decisions

Eliminate No-Evidence of Failure (NEOF) removals

engine and transmission manufacturers

Gastops offers equipment condition intelligence for the digital future. Aircraft engine and transmission manufacturers consider Gastops their low risk and reliable partner for the real-time, rich data insights that are only possible with edge computing from inside the aircraft with onboard sensing.

Comprehensive support to ensure maximum aircraft availability. We offer fast and reliable maintenance, repair, and overhaul of Breeze-Eastern and FLIR equipment for your helicopter fleet, real-time oil debris monitoring, and at-line chip analysis, fluid, and filter analysis.

Operators, manufacturers, maintainers and integrators of helicopter fleets

Operators, manufacturers and maintainers of Navies and Coast Guards

Optimized propulsion system selection and peformance through advanced dynamic simulation and real-time monitoring. Gastops offers ship operators a fully functional digital twin for designing, testing and validating propulsion and other vessel systems as well as real-time turbine health monitoring.

the future of equipment condition intelligence.

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