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Gastops provides unparalleled data-driven diagnostic and prognostic technologies and services that help maximize equipment availability in over 35,000 aerospace, defence, and energy and industrial installations worldwide.

Our customers rely on us to:

  • Create critical component condition intelligence and deliver actionable physics-based insights;
  • Push the industry forward by continually bringing new innovative technologies and services to market;
  • Support their equipment intelligence needs with a comprehensive suite of technologies and services combined with deep domain expertise.

Built on rich data generated by more than 700 million equipment operating hours and over 40 years of failure-mode research

Online Oil Debris Monitoring System: MetalSCAN collects and processes real-time critical condition data of oil-wetted components to give the earliest warning of abnormal wear and predict Remaining Useful Life (RUL).

At-line Automated Wear Debris Chip Analysis: ChipCHECK delivers comprehensive reports of fluid-borne metal chips, enabling operator crews to make the best maintenance decisions in minutes, directly at the flight line.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul: Fast and professional MRO services for Breeze-Eastern and FLIR equipment.

Engineering Services: Gastops’ 40+ years of condition diagnostics expertise, modeling and simulation, in-field testing, and maintenance program design can complement any in-house engineering and operations team.

Laboratory Services: Fluid, filter and material analysis services, providing leading indicators of machinery wear, fluid condition, and fluid contamination.

Connect Monitoring Services: Gastops Connect collects, processes, and analyzes data from MetalSCAN sensors, combines it with your equipment controller data and third-party data to create a comprehensive, real-time view of equipment condition accessible through any web browser device. It also provides an aggregated view across multiple sites for better analysis.

the future of equipment condition intelligence.

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