Propulsion Systems Engineering

Leading provider of Propulsion System Dynamic Analysis (PSDA) services to the marine industry.

PSDA, also known as Dynamic Response Analysis, is a design tool used to validate the performance of individual equipment components and their integration into a propulsion system including the associated control algorithms.

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Performed to support the development of a propulsion system whose steady state and dynamic performance must be well understood at an early stage in the ship design program, long before construction.

PSDA common practice in the marine industry, particularly for ships that have complex propulsion system architecture and/or a broad range of operational and mission profiles. Gastops PSDA methods provide the flexibility to investigate “what if” scenarios and perform parametric studies that support the ship design process by quantifying system performance and verifying that the system design margins are adequate to cope with the anticipated dynamic loading conditions.

These analyses are an integral part of the design process since they allow system performance estimates to be available during the contract and detailed design phases of the ship program. The analyses are essential in designing and validating machinery control system algorithms, and also provide the added benefit of contributing to the development of training/test support systems and programs.

Gastops PSDA Experience

  • US Navy MHC-51 Minehunter
  • US Navy LHD-8 Amphibious Assault Ship
  • US Navy DDG-51 Destroyer
  • US Navy CG-48 Cruiser
  • US Navy LSD-41 Landing Ship
  • US Coast Guard Deepwater National Security Cutter
  • US Coast Guard Great Lakes Ice Breaker
  • US Coast Guard WTGB Icebreaking Tug
  • National Science Foundation R/V Sikuliaq Research Vessel
  • Canadian Coast Guard Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel
  • Canadian Coast Guard Polar Icebreaker
  • Royal Canadian Navy DDH-280 Destroyer
  • Royal Canadian Navy FFH Patrol Frigate
  • Israeli Navy SA’AR 5 Corvette
  • Korean Navy Wonsan-class Minelayer
  • Korean Navy Mine Sweeper/Hunter
  • US Coast Guard Polar Star Icebreaker
  • Singapore Navy LPD Landing Platform Vessel


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