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On-line Oil Debris Sensor that provides real-time detection of component damage.


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Deployable Chip Analysis system that provides GO/NO-GO maintenance decision support.

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With thousands of installations worldwide on equipment ranging from aircraft engines to industrial gearboxes, our products have proven their effectiveness at avoiding costly failures and empowering maintenance personnel to schedule repairs when convenient to operations.

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RCAF Experience

Gastops has a long history of supporting the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) spanning more than three decades. During that period Gastops has provided a range of services touching all of the Air Force’s operational rotary wing platforms and several fixed wing fleets. The following is a brief description of the services Gastops provides to the RCAF.

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CH-124 Sea King

The RCAF operates a fleet of 27 Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King anti-submarine warfare helicopters which are variants of the Sikorsky S-61 aircraft. For the past fifteen years Gastops has been the exclusive Integrated Health Monitoring (IHM) contractor for the platform. The IHM program for the Sea King fleet provides a cradle to grave health management of the engine and drive train components including vibration monitoring, precision shaft alignment and installation, rotor balance and diagnostics. The IHM program also includes onboard and test cell fitted MetalSCAN oil debris monitoring capability supporting the Sea King operations.

Specific problems addressed by the IHM program have included excessive engine and main gearbox vibration levels, secondary vibration-induced failures (e.g. engine mount cracking and seal leaks), engine bearing failures, nuisance chip lights, and main gearbox freewheel unit bearing failures.

Gastops manages all the in-service data collection and analysis activities using our in-house developed health management software. This integrated database supports the engineering effort to systematically develop, demonstrate and qualify new condition monitoring procedures.

Since its inception, the IHM program has made a significant positive impact on the availability of Sea King fleet and its operating costs, reducing both scheduled and unscheduled downtime.

In addition to the IHM services, Gastops also provides the MRO services for the following Sea King fleet components:

  • Rescue Hoist
  • Haul Down Winch
  • Primary Servo
  • Auxiliary Servo
  • Main Rotor Dampers
  • Main Rotor Hydraulic Blade Fold Components
  • FLIR 2000
  • Aircraft Vibration Analyser
  • We estimate MetalSCAN saved about $600K by preventing more serious damage.

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  • We estimate ChipCHECK saved TONES!

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