Remote monitoring from Gastops delivers clear condition indication and remaining life reporting, tracked through our expert systems and our elite team of diagnostics specialists. Be empowered to avoid component failure and dramatically cut repair downtime. From remote wind farms to gas turbine power plants to ocean-bound cruise ships sailing the seas, Gastops remote monitoring service never sleeps. It’s the smart way to optimize critical equipment reliability.

Reliable Real-Time

Our remote monitoring service provides real-time situational awareness for critical equipment by automatically collecting, storing, and analyzing MetalSCAN oil debris data, alerting operators to significant changes in equipment condition, and providing up-to-date knowledge on the availability of their equipment located anywhere in the world via a simple, reliable and secure web-based remote monitoring service.

Staff and Machine Learning Expertise

Our service is backed by our highly qualified and experienced professional staff, extensive research, in-service analysis of equipment failure modes and how these failure modes are detected by instrumentation normally fitted to the equipment. The service can also be expanded to include automated data interpretation, report generation, and maintenance action recommendations via a data-driven, machine-learning expert system.

MetalSCAN Combined with Remote Monitoring

Combining the remote monitoring service with our MetalSCAN products gives you the power to monitor the health of the bearings and gears incorporated within your critical rotating equipment. Whether MetalSCAN is installed in a remote windfarm, a gas turbine power plant, or a cruise ship packed with holiday goers, you can be assured that MetalSCAN Remote is watching over your equipment 24/7. Additionally, this service is scalable to integrate and monitor virtually any on-site monitoring requirement including oil debris monitoring, sampled oil, thermography, vibration, and performance analyses.

the future of equipment condition intelligence.

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