24 Ships
and Counting: Gastops Virtual
Sea Trials Porfolio

For over 40 years, Gastops has been at the forefront of the condition monitoring market, working closely with navies and coast guards in Canada, the United States, and internationally to test and validate ship systems and machinery control algorithms.

Our “Sail your ship before it’s built” program allows state-of-the-art virtual testing of hundreds of “what if” scenarios, significantly cutting development costs and leading to many design improvements.

Read about the 24 ships that have benefited
from our modeling and simulation services.

24 Ships
and Counting: Gastops Virtual
Sea Trials Porfolio

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    Non-destructive Inspection Airman chips in to keep Cope West 23 going

    “We’re monitoring the engine health, making sure that the engines are working properly,” Lara said. “If there was any problem with the engines, our ChipCHECK system would be able to catch any type of maintenance that would be necessary early on. So, it’s more preventative maintenance.”

    Press Release

    ChipCHECK chosen to support RCAF CH146 Griffon Fleet

    Gastops is pleased to announce ChipCHECK’s selection on Bell Textron Canada’s program to support the Royal Canadian Air Force’s (RCAF) fleet of 85 CH146 Griffon helicopters, a multi-role military variant of the widely adopted Bell-412EP developed for the Canadian Armed forces.  Seven ChipCHECK units have been procured to assist in maximizing equipment readiness, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce costs.

    Application Guide

    ChipCHECK PW1100, PW1500 and PW1900 Application Guide

    The ChipCHECK alloy naming convention follows SAE standards which may differ from the Manual. This application guide is a cross reference between the ChipCHECK report and the PW1100, PW1500 and PW1900.

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