Maximize Mission
Readiness And
Reduce Risk

Gastops maintenance services and critical component intelligence helps defence fleet operators and in-service support providers:

  • Maximize mission readiness and mission performance
  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate costly return-to-base events
  • Plan maintenance and avoid unnecessary assessments or repairs in hostile environments
  • Eliminate costs associated with secondary damage, false positives, and false negatives
  • Predict Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of equipment
  • Enable predictive maintenance

Gastops has a long history of supporting the defence industry with innovative products such as MetalSCAN and ChipCHECK spanning across defence aircraft including the world’s most advanced fighter jets such as the F-35, helicopters such as the UH-60, while also supporting navy and coast guard fleets including the Canadian Coast Guard Polar Icebreaker, the US Coast Guard Mackinaw, the German Navy F-124’s, and the Israeli Navy’s SA’AR’s with our Propulsion Dynamic System Response Analysis (Digital Twin) service.


We harness the collective power of rich data and domain expertise to bring you unparalleled data-based diagnostic and prognostic technologies and services.


We generate comprehensive data sources and facilitate the analysis of critical condition indicators for bearing, gear, and seal health as well as oil condition as determinants of overall equipment health. Our condition monitoring solution includes online wear debris monitoring, chip analysis, lubrication testing, filter analysis, and more.


Gastops combines real-world product, service and application knowledge with over 40 years of experience performing empirical data analysis and physics-based modeling. We have developed and continue to refine precise equipment health indicators that result in industry-leading insights.


Gastops provides data analysis from real-time wear debris monitoring as well as oil, filter, and chip analysis. We offer the earliest indication of damage initiation and trending of damage progression for a complete diagnosis of equipment health.


We enable insight into Remaining Useful Life (RUL) and predictive maintenance, thus eliminating unplanned downtime and associated costs.

Reliable maintenance and repair, real-time assessment of equipment health, and modeling and simulation

Gastops has been developing diagnostic and prognostic solutions for military aviation and navy fleets since 1979. From the F-35 to the U.S. Coast Guard Polar Star, our maintenance, repair, and overhaul solutions as well as online sensors, flight-line diagnostic systems, lab-based analysis, and engineering solutions help keep you mission ready.

engine and transmission manufacturers

Gastops offers condition intelligence for the digital future. Aircraft engine and transmission manufacturers consider Gastops their low risk and reliable partner for the real-time, rich data insights that are only possible with onboard sensing.

Operators, manufacturers and maintainers of helicopter fleets

Comprehensive support to ensure maximum aircraft availability. We offer fast and reliable maintenance, repair, and overhaul of Breeze-Eastern and FLIR equipment for your helicopter fleet along with real-time oil debris monitoring and chip, fluid, and filter analysis.

Operators, manufacturers and maintainers of Navies and Coast Guards

Optimized propulsion system health through advanced dynamic simulation and real-time monitoring. Gastops offers ship operators a fully functional digital twin for designing, testing and validating propulsion and other vessel systems as well as real-time turbine health monitoring.

“In 13 years at this job, my proudest achievement is developing the ODM trending limits after analyzing data from a failure. It was fielded along with corresponding changes for chip collector inspection limits in 2009, and we haven’t missed a detectable failure since then. We caught over 30, and each would have been an in-flight shutdown.”

Customer Support Engineer, Fault Isolation Subject Matter Expert,
Military Customer Support & Services, Aircraft Engine OEM

News & Resources

Press Release

Gastops Celebrates 3,500th Engine Sensor Delivery for the F-35 Lightning II

Gastops, a company located in Ottawa, Canada that specializes in equipment intelligence technology, provides up to 4 engine sensors on the F-35A, B and C variants and is proud to announce that it has recently delivered its 3,500th engine sensor to the F-35 program.
Press Release

ChipCHECK successfully validated at Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019

ChipCHECK provides a capability not previously available to the ADF – the ability for operators and maintenance staff to accurately assess the health of an aircraft’s propulsion system via wear debris analysis while the aircraft is operating.

Breeze-Eastern Rescue Hoist & Cargo Hook MRO & In-Service Support Overview

Helicopter operators, airframe MRO facilities and integrators rely on Gastops for in-service support and maintenance, repair & overhaul of their Breeze-Eastern products.

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