The answer is in the filter. Unlock it completely with FilterCHECK FC400.

FilterCHECK FC400 provides the maintainer with Go/No-Go actionable assessment of the health of aircraft engine, transmission, and hydraulic systems through immediate quantification, sizing, classification, and metallurgy determination of wear debris captured in the fluid filters of the equipment.


  • Automated filter debris removal
  • Quantifies both ferromagnetic and non- ferromagnetic debris material
  • Analysis of debris metallurgy
  • Accommodates various filter configurations
  • Rugged field deployable design – qualified for ship-borne use


  • Rapid on-site assessment of engine and transmission condition
  • Go/No-Go decision support
  • Reliable identification of component damage
  • On-site verification of aircraft chip detector alarms
  • Eliminate no evidence of failure (NEOF) removals/overhauls
  • On-site alternative to Spectrometric Oil Analysis (SOA) for fine filtered systems
  • Improve aircraft availability
  • Improve safety

Traditionally performed in the laboratory as a manual, messy process involving subjective qualitative assessment, FilterCHECK is the game changer, bringing filter debris analysis directly into the hands of the maintainer and eliminating subjectivity through Go/No-Go actionable assessment.

FilterCHECK sets a new standard for automated, quick, and efficient condition assessment of lubricated equipment. As mechanical components wear, debris is carried away by the oil and is captured by the lubrication system filter. By analyzing this captured debris on-site using FilterCHECK FC400, a rapid and reliable assessment of the condition of the equipment can be achieved as well as identifying the damaged component within the equipment.

FilterCHECK FC400 not only automates filter debris analysis process through backflushing lube oil filters and quantifying/sizing/classifying the debris, it has the additional capability of determining the metallurgy (elemental composition) of this debris using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology to help determine which specific component within the equipment is damaged. Results of the analysis can be obtained within minutes after filter removal, allowing for immediate operational decision support and enhanced equipment availability.

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