Immediate “GO/NO GO” decision support is here with ChipCHECK – make the right call on-site.

As mechanical components begin to fail they release trace flakes of metal into the lubricating fluid. Conventional analysis of metal chip debris depends of the maintenance professional’s judgment, often backed by time-consuming lab analysis. ChipCHECK replaces guesswork and laboratory delays with accurate on-site analysis. Rugged and field deployable ChipCHECK lets your team make the right call – wherever you maintain mission critical equipment.

ChipCHECK 120

Simplicity, reliability, portability, and powerful analysis for accurate on-site damage indication.


Gastops specializes in advanced fluid sensing and analysis systems specifically designed and developed for critical equipment condition monitoring applications.

ChipCHECK is a rugged field deployable maintenance decision support tool which employs innovative material identification laser spectroscopy technology to automatically analyse chip detector debris and provide the maintainer with quick, reliable, conclusive engine, transmission and gearbox health information right at the aircraft or maintenance bay location. Easy-to-use, the maintainer transfers the particles from the chip detector using a convenient sticky tape sample sheet, the sheet is inserted into the ChipCHECK and in a few minutes the maintainer is provided with detailed information on the number of particles, size of each particle, the metallic alloy of the particle, and most importantly, a Go/No-Go determination for the equipment based upon the pre-determined condition indices.

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As mechanical components begin to fail, they release metallic debris into their lubrication oil systems. Conventional methods of oil wetted component failure detection for equipment such as aircraft engines and helicopter transmissions rely upon chip detectors to give maintainers a window into what is happening within the equipment.

The traditional approach is for the maintainer to visually inspect the chip detector to determine the serviceability of the equipment based upon his experience and judgement. In some cases the chips are extracted from the chip detector and sent for laboratory analysis, which may take days for results to be returned, whilst the aircraft is sitting on the ground waiting to be released for service. The solution to eliminate this inefficiency is to put the laboratory process into the hands of the maintainer in a reliable, field-deployable package that is easy-to-use and delivers the Go/No-Go decision in minutes.

Qualitative visual assessment is replaced with reliable quantitative, repeatable measurement resulting in the right decisions made more quickly, no more guesswork.

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