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As mechanical components begin to fail, they release trace flakes of metal into the lubricating fluid. Conventional analysis of metal chip debris depends of the maintenance professional’s judgment, often backed by time-consuming lab analysis. ChipCHECK replaces guesswork and laboratory delays with accurate on-site analysis. Rugged and field deployable, ChipCHECK lets your team make the right call within minutes – allowing you to maximize the availability of your equipment.

ChipCHECK 120

Simplicity, reliability, portability, and powerful analysis for accurate on-site damage indication.


Gastops specializes in advanced fluid sensing and analysis systems specifically designed and developed for critical equipment condition monitoring applications.

ChipCHECK offers the fastest way of making on-site equipment maintenance decisions. It is a field deployable analyzer designed for rapid on-site identification of equipment lube oil. This automated maintenance decision-support tool employs innovative laser spectroscopic technology, which enables on-site analysis of microscopic chip debris. ChipCHECK provides the maintainers with quick, reliable, and conclusive information, including the total number of particles, and the size, shape, and specific alloy classification for each individual particle on the sample.

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Gastops developed ChipCHECK as a means of addressing many long standing issues in aerospace and aero-derivative gas turbine markets. ChipCHECK solves these issues by applying innovative material identification spectroscopy, coupled with digital imaging technology. By doing so, ChipCHECK empowers maintainers with the capability of at-line equipment condition assessment within minutes.

Today, typical industry practices determine the condition of equipment based on the metallic content found in the oil – referred to as wear debris. This practice is highly dependent on visual inspection, or an off-site laboratory – requiring a long turnaround time. ChipCHECK eliminates these issues by automatically quantifying the size, shape, and alloy classification of each particle; thereby providing quick, reliable, and conclusive engine health data at-line, on-site. ChipCHECK gives the answers that are needed within minutes – saving a lot of time and money.

Qualitative visual assessment is replaced with reliable quantitative, repeatable measurement resulting in the right decisions made more quickly, no more guesswork.

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