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Condition Assessment

Integrated condition assessment for enhanced equipment situational awareness.

Gastops offers an integrated perspective to condition assessment for high value aviation equipment that supports the timely awareness of critical equipment degradation and triggers the appropriate operational and maintenance actions based upon decision criteria optimized for every customer’s specific requirements.


State-of-the-art engine condition assessment


Helicopter Drive Systems

State-of-the-art helicopter drive system condition assessment.


Our in-house condition assessment tools, services, and capabilities are designed to provide accurate and timely actionable information for maintenance and operations organizations to proactively manage equipment degradation to minimize aircraft operating cost and downtime.

An effective condition analysis program is necessarily developed in accordance with a structured, reliability-centered approach whereby the root-causes of downtime are identified followed by the development and qualification of data collection and condition analysis procedures designed to detect the lead up conditions to the downtime. Generally, the backbone of an effective condition analysis program for complex aviation equipment are technology based solutions which are appropriately selected, tailored, and systematically integrated into a total analysis program.

Common condition monitoring methods employed for critical rotating equipment include performance analysis, vibration analysis, fluids analysis, and debris analysis. Technologies that support the implementation of these methods range from products designed for use in the laboratory or maintenance bay supporting periodic testing, to on-line devices that are permanently fitted to the equipment to deliver real-time up-to-the-minute information on the status of the equipment. For complex equipment and/or operations computer based systems are essential to integrate the data coming from these varied sources to generate accurate, reliable condition assessment and actionable information.

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