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Gastops provides turnkey systems engineering services for the integration of complex machinery plant designs. The services include steady state equipment performance prediction throughout the entire system operating envelope, as well as system dynamic performance prediction and analysis using our in-house modelling and simulation capabilities.

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A key element includes the management of the interface control processes to identify and account for the full spectrum of equipment physical, electrical signal and data interfaces.

Our integration services enable significant benefits early in the design cycle providing sufficient time to address interface and performance issues before critical design commitments are made.

Our systems engineering services include:

Requirements Management

  • Develop system design requirements and technical specifications components at both the equipment and system level.

Plant Control Design

  • Development of control systems strategies, algorithms, and system settings ready to be implemented to effectively and safely operate equipment.
  • Application of modelling and simulation techniques to more efficiently develop and evaluate control strategies using model-based design best practices.

Design Validation

  • Conduct design reviews of the system and recommend ongoing improvements to the design; provide recommendations for implementation, testing, and operation.
  • Define and track design issues, solution implementation, change testing, and system integration.
  • Provide technical system reviews ranging from issues/shortcomings, documentation and project deliverables, capability, safety, configuration and Test & Trials results.
  • Solicit and incorporate reviews from subject matter experts
  • Assess system performance, functionality and risk through the review of system observations and related software configuration/architecture changes, software reviews and human machine interface issues.

Test and Trials Support

  • Provide complete and comprehensive test & trials support including procedure development, execution, and assessment.
  • Support the design and implementation phase testing, including data analytics, results reviews, risk mitigation, and suggested solutions.
  • Provide onsite test & trials program support, including system expertise, risk mitigation, down time reduction and first line data analytics.
  • Provide detailed data analysis of test and trial results to identify design issues, improve best practices, and highlight priorities.

Gastops has over 30 years of experience applying world class systems engineering expertise supporting the leading marine propulsion control systems companies.

Use performance prediction before critical design commitments are made. Get started today.

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