Business Partners

Gastops has established business partnerships with several organizations to provide our products and services to our customers across the globe.

Business Partners:

Gastops USA

gastops-usa-logoGastops USA is focused on providing innovative technical solutions for equipment condition assessment to the US Department of Defense from their Huntsville, Alabama base. Combining their strong connection to the military customer, in-house technical expertise, and access to Gastops products, they provide unique solutions tailored to the specific challenges of DoD.

ACES Systems

partner-logo-acesACES Systems is an industry leader in aircraft vibration analysis, providing complete solution packages for balancing and tracking of helicopters, turbo-propellers and turbine engine trim balancing. ACES Systems’ instruments are used worldwide as on-wing ground support maintenance equipment and in engine manufacturers’ test cells and overhaul facilities. These instruments are used for many aircraft maintenance applications including measuring engine vibration and noise levels, monitoring and trending turbine engine performance, and performing dynamic balancing.

Gastops is the authorized Canadian sales agent and Repair & Overhaul service provider for ACES military vibration analysis products.


be_logoBreeze-Eastern is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of sophisticated lifting devices for military and civilian aircraft, including rescue hoists, cargo hooks and weapons-lifting systems. Their products are used in cargo transport and on rescue missions by most military and civilian helicopters and aircraft throughout the world.

Gastops is the authorized Repair and Overhaul Service Centre for Breeze-Eastern products in Canada.

FLIR Systems Inc.

partner-flirFLIR Systems Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. They bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through our thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems.

Gastops is the authorized Repair and Overhaul Service Centre for FLIR airborne products in Canada.


partner-logo-kopKOP-FLEX is a business unit of Regal Power Transmission Solutions, a leading power transmission component supplier in North America. Kop-flex supplies couplings, coupling-torquemeter systems, and patented ground gearing technology into the industrial and energy market sectors.
Gastops is the exclusive supplier to Kop-flex of the sensors and instrumentation components used in their Powerlign® torque monitoring system.

TestOil, Insight Services Inc.

partner-logo-test-oilTestOil, Insight Services Inc. is a full service oil testing laboratory employing a sophisticated Diagnostic Technology to assist Machine Condition Analysts in making equipment and lubrication condition assessments.

Gastops has partnered with TestOil, the premier provider of Oil Analysis services in North America and opened a world class laboratory in St. John’s to service our clients in Canada.

Zephyr International LLC

logo_zepherZephyr International LLC provides advanced products and services that enhance the safety and reduce the cost of helicopter rescue hoist operations. Customers from around the globe rely on Zephyr’s extensive expertise in helicopter rescue hoist and wire rope systems, including design, testing, manufacturing and field support services.

Gastops has teamed with Zephyr to provide specialized support equipment and training services to its Canadian rescue hoist repair and overhaul customers.


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