Gastops maintains a global market footprint through purposeful development and application of our capabilities focused to provide high value solutions to our customers’ equipment problems.

We maintain a strong market watch through our marketing and sales professionals who have a keen and current appreciation of what customers need and how their requirements are evolving for the future.


We have a responsive 24/7 capable customer support team that is singularly focused on ensuring that the value of our solutions is fully implemented and realized by our customers, with the mandate that every customer must be satisfied before we can be satisfied that we have done our job.

The core of our current and future success is our commitment to maintaining a strong team of engineers and technical specialists covering the range of technical capabilities including hardware design, electronics design, software design, equipment performance analysis, modelling and simulation, systems analysis, failure modes analysis, reliability analysis, condition analysis, analytics development, lean manufacturing, laboratory analysis, and component repair and overhaul. This diverse perspective is brought together at Gastops in the form of highly effective and innovative solutions to address our customer’s equipment problems through systematic integration of skills, capabilities, and new ideas. No equipment problem is too big or too small for our team.

Our innovative products are developed in-house by the team of specialists who, in addition to designing the product, manage the product qualification and certification in full accordance with the market/customer requirements be they flight safety, electrical safety, hazardous operations, or whatever the specific market requirement entails. This may include structural, failure, reliability, and safety analyses coupled with simulated environmental and accelerated life testing as required. Gastops maintains our own state-of-the-art analysis tools and testing facilities to perform the full suite of analyses and testing for all our product lines.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with our rigorous quality management system in our in-house modern facilities incorporating the latest computer controlled production equipment, state-of-the-art product process control/tracking systems, and highly skilled technicians. All products are fully tested prior to delivery to our customers in our in-house facilities.

Our laboratory testing and calibration services goes beyond standard status reporting by providing our customers with expert analysis on what is the status driver(s). Our component MRO services provides our customers best value through our incoming assessment expertise that predetermines what repairs are necessary and notifying the customer for approval prior to performing the work.

Our component MRO, fluids testing, and calibration facilities are operated under the same rigorous quality management system and employs the latest technology tools and processes tailored to deliver a quality service to customers on time, every time.

Finally, Gastops prides itself in not only offering our own in-house produced products to support equipment maintenance and operations, but also having the broader capabilities and expertise to integrate 3rd party products and services with our own to create tailored complete solutions that maximize the value to the customer in a one-stop, full-suite solution package.


Solutions that empower you to fly farther – with lower operating costs, improved reliability, dispatch availability and enhanced safety.

Long Live Aviation


Solutions that empower you to run longer, generate more – with lower operating costs, improved reliability and predictability.

Long Live Energy


Solutions that empower you to sail longer – with lower operating costs, improved reliability and predictability.

Long Live Marine


Solutions that empower you to produce more – with lower operating costs, improved reliability and predictability.

Long Live Equipment